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NFC + QR Code Google Review Squre Sticker

NFC + QR Code Google Review Squre Sticker

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Boost your business and gather positive reviews with our innovative NFC + QR Code Google Review Squre Sticker. Effortlessly direct customers to leave feedback with its compact m size of 10x10. Stay ahead of the competition with this game-changing solution.
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How do I use the NFC Google review round sticker?

  • For Businesses:聽You'll typically purchase these stickers from a vendor who can program them with your specific Google review link. Once you receive the stickers, simply peel and stick them onto a clean, dry surface in your place of business, such as your storefront window, receipt, or packaging.
  • For Customers:聽Customers with NFC-enabled smartphones can simply tap their phone on the sticker. Their phone will automatically open a link to your Google review page, where they can leave a review. Most NFC-enabled phones won't require any additional apps to be downloaded.

Are there any benefits to using NFC Google review round stickers?

NFC Google review round stickers offer a trifecta of benefits: increased reviews due to their easy use, a more convenient customer experience through a simpler review process, and ultimately, a positive boost to your online reputation and ability to attract new customers.

Do I need a special app to use the NFC Google review round stickers?

No. As long as the customer has an NFC-enabled smartphone, they won't need to download any additional apps to use the sticker